Curriculum Vitae


A polyglot generalist who can quickly get up to speed with projects and technologies, with years of experience both in working on-site and remotely. I enjoy working in situations that can teach and challenge me and with people that share my enthusiasm for technology. I spend the time to keep my knowledge up to date with both formal education and self-paced learning on Coursera and similar sites, attending conferences and meetups when I can.

Some of my work can be viewed on Github.

I can be contacted at, email address taufiq dot hoven.

Work History

Payment Systems Engineer – Code Club AB (April 2016-present)

Audit and maintenance of JSP/Struts payment portal running on Tomcat 7, and redevelopment/migration to successor system. Preparation of undocumented legacy system for new redevelopment, tasks including:

  • Reverse engineering/decompiling internal dependencies
  • Update and maintenance of environments and server configuration
  • Updating integrations with latest Paypal and Xsolla payment APIs
  • Review and documentation of existing code, adding to source control
  • Setup of test environments, continuous builds and automated build/deployment

Software Developer – Aurion (2015)

One-month contract, successfully implementing single sign-on for Node.js HR system

  • Integrated Node.js user authentication with NTLM using passport
  • Integrating authentication with legacy Java REST API

Volunteer Software Developer – Code Club AB (2014-present)

A fun hobby to which I enjoy contributing back. Working remotely with globally distributed team on Java server and LWJGL-based client for the Massively Multiplayer Online game, Wurm Online, and its related Steam release, Wurm Unlimited.

  • Assisted with port to Steamworks, including migration from MySQL to SQLite and changes to authentication/authorisation
  • Currently adding Flyway-based migrations for automated update of deployed servers

Senior Software Developer – Askowl (2012-2014)

Primarily contracting to an Australian government department. Security clearance was required, so only limited information may be given.

  • Developed data context processing system using Node.js/MongoDB
  • Android and Blackberry clients with SQLite
  • Designed and implemented high-level security protocols for client/server communication and authentication

Back Office Software Team Leader – Redflex (2011-2012)

Providing both domain knowledge and technical expertise, prepared technical solutions for tenders as well as implementing features for existing software.

  • Designed software architecture and estimates for tenders, working with operations team on hardware design and estimates.
  • Reduced completion time for red light and speeding data imports in infringement software from eight hours to three and a half minutes
  • Trained sales and technical teams on tolling and billing systems.

Senior Java Developer – Transtoll (2006-2011)

Design and development of custom-built toll road billing systems.

Primary Responsibilities/Achievements

  • Billing system on a Java EE/JBoss cluster with Oracle RAC database, converting over 1.2 million roadside messages/day into billable vehicle data.
  • Browser-based AJAX web application for multi-user image review, supporting approximately 15,000 reviews in daily, 6 hour blocks.
  • Event management system on a Java EE/JBoss/MySQL stack, providing SMS, email and scripted error reporting.
  • Designed and prototyped next-gen toll table web interface with JQuery.
  • Developed consolidation and archiving solution, for selective retention of over two years’ worth of traffic and financial transactions.
  • Created crystal reports, PL/SQL and SQL-based reports solution on Oracle system, with analytic queries and materialized views for aggregation, bringing weekly reports schedule down to daily runs.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Requirements analysis and design documents for next-gen system.
  • Technical review of tender documents, risk and gap analysis.
  • Migration of Subversion and CVS repositories into unified git repository with complete, eight year version history.
  • Build and configure continuous and integration test systems.
  • Investigation and exploratory prototyping of new technologies.

Previous Projects

  • 2003 – 2006 Software developer at Intec, working on Delphi/C client, shell script/perl back-end and SQL.
  • 1997 – 2010 The Australian Voices web site
  • 2000 – 2001 Research Assistant in Speech Recognition Software, Distributed Systems Technology Centre.
  • 1999 – 2001 Research Assistant in Computer-aided Language Learning, The University of Queensland.
  • 1998 – 2001 Tutor in Software Design and Programming, University of Queensland.

Education – Software

  • 2015 Algorithms, Part II, Coursera
  • 2014 Algorithms, Part I, Coursera
  • 2013 Functional Programming Principles in Scala, Coursera.
  • 2010 Learn Ruby on Rails, Mocra.
  • 2007 Enterprise JAVA Development using J2EE, Object Training.
  • 2007 Corporate Finance subject, University of Southern Queensland.
  • 1997 – 2001 Bachelor IT (Hons)/Arts with majors in Chinese (Mandarin) and Cognitive Science, University of Queensland.

Education – Other

  • 2015 Jewellery and Drawing subjects at Certificate IV-level, Visual Arts, Central Queensland University
  • 2015 Certificate III in Visual Arts, Central Queensland University (Jewellery and Painting Streams)